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Boston Marathon Win Barely Eludes ASU's Desiree Davila

By a narrow margin, former Arizona State student Desiree Davila, 27, placed second in the Boston Marathon on Monday morning. With a time of 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 38 seconds, but Caroline Kilel (Kenya) beat Davila by two seconds, ending the Sun Devil's bid to become the first American woman since Lisa Rainsberger did it 26 years ago.


On Saturday, Davila addressed her first Boston Marathon appearance in an interview with espn W. "My debut was nothing special," she said then, later adding she was looking forward to the opportunity to "show where I've progressed since 2007."


And progress she did, clearly. Though she enjoyed a strong career at Arizona State--which included winning All-America honors in 2003 and finishing second on the team in every race during the 2004 season--there's little to indicate she would one day challenge for a Boston Marathon victory. In the espn W interview, Davila said, "felt like I didn't get everything out of myself during college," which is among the reasons she continued to race after graduating.