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2011 NFL Draft: More Mock Drafts And A Rumor That Cardinals Will Trade Up

As we approach the 2011 NFL Draft in just two more weeks, the mock drafts and projections are still abounding. In fact, the rumors of trades are starting to heat up. Wednesday afternoon it was rumored that the Denver Broncos were in talks with the Cardinals and Redskins about trading the number two pick in the draft.

Why would they do that? Likely because at number five or number ten, they will still be able to get an impact player and they would get additional picks to bolster their roster. Also, for the Cardinals and Redskins, it would mean that they would guarantee themselves Blaine Gabbert (unless Carolina takes him first).

ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper believes that the visit the Cardinals made to see Blaine Gabbert work out, and that it was Michael Bidwill who was in attendance as well, is reason to believe that the Cards really want Gabbert and fear he won't be around at number five.

Aside from that rumor, the latest Don Banks mock draft from has the Cardinals standing pat with the fifth pick and that Von Miller, whom so many covet for the Cardinals defense, will be their selection. That is the only recent mock draft that has Miller falling that far.

As for my own draft projections, I predict that the Cards will go with Patrick Peterson. I don't think that Arizona will target a quarterback and that both Gabbert and Newton will be gone anyway. That would mean that either Miller, DT Marcell Dareus or Peterson would be available, and I think Peterson will be that guy.

And that would not be a bad thing at all for the Arizona defense.