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Arizona State University To Unveil New Uniforms: Black Is The New Maroon

Arizona State University has decided its seen enough of their 90's era color scheme and uniform logos. With Pac-12 rival Oregon changing uniforms every season (or more frequently if Nike has the urge), the Sun Devil must feel like they have to keep up with the Jones and Ducks of the world.

Rumor has it the new uniforms will feature black heavily and a pitchfork will replace the "Sparky" logo on the football helmets. The new branding will extend beyond football though and be featured across all sports and other ASU products.

Credit the school for doing a great job building hype for their roll out. Arizona Republic ASU beat writer Doug Haller tweeted that this is the most media coverage he's seen for a press conference ever.

SB Nation Arizona's Cory Williams is on site for the big unveil as well and will have quotes and comments following the big show which is scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday. The event is being live-cast onFox Sports Arizona's web site.

ASU blog, House of Sparky likes what the rumors are saying about the new look:


New ASU Uniforms? Official Announcement Comes Today - House Of Sparky
I personally think a black uniform that is branded by a pitchfork is going to be an awesome jersey that will attract a lot of young athletes who want to wear the latest and greatest.

Vontaze Burfict is going to look great on his highlight reel videos wearing these uniforms, and our menacing defense will take on another level of intensity with the right attire.

Bravo, ASU. If what we're hearing is even close to accurate, you've made a very wise decision to rebrand your football program and put Sparky where he belongs: on the sideline, doing push ups when the Sun Devils score.