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Correction To Story About NBA Official Bill Kennedy

In a story from earlier this week about NBA official Bill Kennedy that received significant attention both inside and outside the Phoenix Suns organization, there was one error discovered in the data presented. In the original story we stated that the Suns record last season (2009-10) in games officiated by Kennedy was 1-6. That was incorrect due to a database error. The Suns actual record in those games was 4-3 (2-2 in the regular season, 2-1 in the playoffs).


We apologize for this mistake.


All other data in the original story stands as first presented including information that shows the Suns averaged 15 fewer free throw attempts in the four games officiated by referee Bill Kennedy this season and a total of 60 fewer free throw attempts than opponents in those four games. The minus-15 average differential is the largest of any crew chief who has worked a Suns game this season.