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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Cardinals Take A Chance On Cam Newton?

Just in case you weren't aware, SB Nation has a blog that is dedicated to everything NFL Draft called, quite ironically, Mocking The Draft. They've rounded up contributors from all of SB Nation's NFL team blogs to participate in a Community Mock Draft of the first two rounds that will go right up until the actual draft in April.

For the Cardinals' pick, they went to Revenge of the Birds contributor Jess Root, who went with Auburn QB Cam Newton with the fifth overall pick. The explanation.

Arizona needs help on the offensive line, in the pass rush at outside linebacker, at quarterback and in the secondary, but with Miller, Peterson and Gabbert all off the board, Newton was the highest on the team's board. Another consideration would have been Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara, but the team feels that the need at QB and the upside of Newton makes this selection worth the risk.

So I guess it isn't so much Arizona really wanting Newton as it is Arizona being unable to take anyone they like more than him. Having said that, if he is the top available player on your draft board and he fits a position of need like Newton does, then it's an absolute no-brainer; if they are comfortable taking the risk associated with selecting Newton of course. Mocking the Draft contributor Dan Kandar reacts to the pick.

The holes on the Cardinals' roster are starting to show, so it would be wise to start filling them with young impact players. There is no bigger hole than quarterback and no player who can make an impact like Newton. With Von Miller and Patrick Peterson gone, Newton needs to be the pick.

It would be interesting to see what the Cardinals do if the No. 5 pick rolls around and Patrick Peterson, Von Miller and Cam Newton are all still on the board. But in this scenario with the other two players already having been picked, Newton is a pretty good fit for the Cards.