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2011 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper's Big Board Shaken Up By Patrick Peterson

As it happens every year as we all wait for the actual NFL Draft to actually happen in April, we all rely on Mel Kiper and his mock drafts and big board ranking draft prospects from top to bottom. On Wednesday, Kiper updated his big board after the results of all the workouts of the NFL combine (you have to be an Insider to see beyond the top five). Previously, it was Auburn's Nick Fairley that topped the list. He fell only one spot, but the biggest rise was the guy that replaced him as number one -- LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. 

Peterson now sits atop the big board, although that typically means little when it comes to the order in which players are drafted. 

Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller is ranked number five, but is projected to go as high as the third pick.

Some players slipped a bit on the big board. Three in particular. Auburn quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton slipped from number seven to number ten. Georgia receiver AJ Green falls three slips to number six and North Carolina DE Robert Quinn falls from number five to number seven.