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Coyotes' Time In AZ Circling The Bowl, Goldwater Institute Can't Wait To Flush

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Enough already with this mess. The Phoenix Coyotes are inches away from being flushed away to the frozen hell in Winnipeg where they will be loved and adored like only a small, one-team town can do. The Goldwater Institute, despite all their claims about acting only in the "public good", can't seem to wait to pull the handle and see them gone.

Is it because of their close ties to the Diamondbacks? Is it because they are idealists fighting for the principles they believe in? Or maybe it's just because they've been able to raise awareness of their name by inserting themselves so aggressively into this high-profile situation.

We've been skeptical for weeks, but after hearing GWI's mouthpiece, Darcy Olsen, try and justify their actions in various radio interviews their motivations smell even more fishy.  

GWI claims their beef is with the ownership of the parking lot which the city is going to buy from the team, but when talking about their opposition to the deal Olsen sounds more like a paid lobbyist for city of Winnipeg.

Don't worry about losing the Coyotes, she says, the city can get the Ice Capades and more concerts to make up for the 43 home games. And if that's not enough, there's a new Indian casino that might come into the area (another GWI client that won't pay taxes?).

Besides, Olsen says going to the Canadian talking points, "The Coyotes have been operating at a loss every year since they've been in Arizona and just last year they lost $40 million. So the idea that their staying is going to turn around Glendale's economy or bring all these jobs, that's really wishful thinking at this time."

No, Darcy, it's not wishful thinking. They are here already so they won't be bringing in jobs. They have already brought in jobs. And no one, Darcy, is suggesting that they will "turn around Glendale's economy". They are suggesting that if the team leaves it will hurt Glendale's economy and leave a hole that the Ice Capades can't fill. 

These aren't the arguments of a principled activist who claims some legal shenanigans by the city. If that were the case why would they proactively send this letter to potential investors and bond rating agencies ahead of any actual misdeed.   

And besides, it's new owner Matthew Hulsizer that would be on the hook for those future losses Olsen is so concerned about. He's the guy putting the money at risk which is something Olsen seems to conveniently ignore. He's the guy signing a 30-year lease with the city that has a penalty for leaving early.

If GWI believes that the deal is illegal, fine, they can sue once something "illegal" happens. If they are proven right in court then shame on the city and the NHL and they deserve everything they have coming to them. That's what a responsible public watchdog agency would do.

What GWI is doing can only be described as lobbying for the departure of the Coyotes despite how many sports fans they tell us are on their staff. If their motives were as pure as they claim, they certainly would be acting in the way they have.