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Super Bowl Predictions From Our Experts: Even Split Between Pittsburgh And Green Bay

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Just about 48 hours more hours until the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers kick it off and only about 17 more hours until the pregame starts for Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, TX. It might be snowy and icy there but that's not stopped our experts from emailing in their picks and predictions for the game. Not rain, sleet, snow or Internet outages stop us from weighing in on the biggest sporting event of the year. 

Who are we kidding, Internet outages would shut us down like the Pittsburgh defense has done to running attacks all season long. And if we had to deal with a Green Bay winter we would be hiding under the covers with fingers too cold to type. Weather at kick off is slated to be 74 degrees and sunny. At least that will be the weather here in Arizona. 

Picks after the jump

Cory Williams - Green Bay (34-27)

The Green Bay Packers will exorcise the ghost of Brett Favre this Sunday, defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-27 in what will be remembered as the best Super Bowl to ever take place in Cowboys Stadium. Aaron Rodgers will have a remarkable game, throwing for three touchdowns and over 300 yards, proving that he is the top quarterback in today's game. Rashard Mendenhall will make it interesting, running for 130 yards and hitting paydirt twice. Greg Jennings will win the MVP.

Jose Romero - Pittsburgh (24-19)

Sadly for this Steelers hater, Pittsburgh will win even though I wish they don't. They know how to play in Super Bowls. Their quarterback wins, for all his drama off the field. Their defense doesn't care about the new tackling rules, it will hit the Packers in the mouth and likely shut down their running game. The Packers have a good defense that will keep them in it but their receivers are going to have their heads on a swivel looking for Troy Polamalu and James Harrison. Plus, Mike Tomlin is clearly the best young coach in the NFL and he'll motivate his players easily with the remarks from Commissioner Roger Goodell on Ben Roethlisberger.

Justin Burning - Green Bay (31-21)

The Packers shall win. Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews will have stellar games and the Steelers will be playing from behind the entire time.

Scott Howard - Pittsburgh (28-17)

The Steelers are going to win the game. Since I hate the Steelers and love Aaron Rodgers this is awfully tough to admit but Chicago's relatively tough defense made Rodgers look human last week and Pittsburgh's D is far better.  As always Ben Roethlisberger will make some sort of ridiculous play that has people laud his athletic abilities at only the cost of their social conscience. 

Nikil Selvam - Green Bay (28-21)

Defense wins championships, and both of these defensive units are very good. I give the Steelers the edge here, but not by much. A comparison of the two offenses, however, isn't as close: the Packers are far more explosive. Rodgers has been great, Starks has been dangerous running the ball, and the Packers wide receivers seem to switch off having big games. The Packers just have more weapons on offense, and that will be the difference in the game.

Jess Root - Green Bay (27-20)

The last time the Steelers played in the Super Bowl, it took an amazing (non)catch by Santonio Holmes and a 100-yd interception return to beat the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals! Holmes is back home and Anquan Boldin isn't on the Packers to line up wrong on the play. Green Bay is rolling and Aaron Rodgers is on fire. Brett Favre won a ring in Green Bay in his sixth year. Rodgers is in his sixth season. Forget the 'sevens', the Favre/Rodgers connection will rule and the Cheeseheads will go home happy.

Shaun Al-Shatti - Pittsburgh (35-31)

Steelers. They always win this game. Can't believe they are the underdogs; apparently the Rodgers-hype train has reached 'unstoppable' status. 

Lolly Konecky - Pittsburgh (2-0)

Harrison will use his last illegal hit of the season to take out Rogers on the Packers second possession.
The Steelers offense will stick with the running game and average .8 yards per play. The only score will be when the Green Bay punter has to step out the back of the end zone because of a bad snap. Ward will have more blocks than yards.