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NBA Power Rankings, Week 14: Spurs Still Stomping League With Old-Man Boots

Raise your hand if you thought, after the Suns' playoff sweep of the Spurs, that that in week 14, the Spurs would be pulling away from the rest of the league. Surprising, that's what it is.

Here we are in Week 14 of the NBA season. The Suns have managed to scrape together some respectable wins over some quality, if short-handed and sleep-deprived, opponents. But wins are wins! The Spurs continue to dominate and have started the annual Rodeo Trip, which is when they usually bond and really start playing some good ball. Which makes the rest of the league quake in fear.

The Eastern conference is half awesome and half completely terrible. The Lakers appear to be in disarray, but it's probably some elaborate plan by Phil Jackson to lull everyone into complacency and the Bulls are powering along still without Joakim Noah.

Don't forget about the Celtics. They may punch you -- unintentionally, of course -- in the personal-privates area to get your attention. Yes, Celtics, you are doing well, with that chip on your shoulder and your plethora of injured big men. Eddie House wins one for the Heat with his giant pair of hands that shoot three pointers so well. 

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The San Antonio Spurs are going to try something new after years of relying on their annual Rodeo Road Trip every February to kickstart a second-half surge into the playoffs. These Spurs just want to maintain the mojo they have.