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Twitter Power Rankings For Arizona's Athletes

Quantifying the unquantifiable, who is the top twitter athlete in Arizona?

Twitter is good for both organizing the overthrow of repressive regimes and finding a good restaurant to eat in when in Cleveland. Here at SBNAZ we wanted to show our appreciation to all the local athletes who take the time to interact with fans by ranking the top ten tweeters (because without a scoreboard, nothing really matters).

10) Hakim Warrick (hdubb21)

Hak has brought vicious dunks, marginal defense and a quirky twitter presence to Planet Orange. This Syracuse grad's at times cryptic tweets rarely use up all 140 characters but he expresses is appreciation of lingerie football and lets us all witness sweet old ladies screaming at WWE Raw. Currently, he's mulling over job opportunities if there's an NBA lockout.


9) Kurt Warner (Kurt13Warner)

Kurt works twitter like the media professional he is, involving followers with give-aways, responding to questions with healthy side of family life, plenty of kids and sprinkling of Jesus for ya. Pretty much what you'd expect from Kurt.


8) Larry Fitzgerald (LarryFitzgerald)

In the mold of former teammate Kurt Warner, Fitz uses twitter to promote his appearances and causes. Like the savvy media user he is, Larry transitions from inspiring followers to giving away tickets to the Pro Bowl. Oh, Larry you really are smooth like butter.


7) Paul Bissonnette (BizNasty2point0)

In a contrast to the two previous tweeters, smooth and professional is not what BizNasty is known for. He may have the most talked about NHL twitter account around, and when a mysterious shutdown of his original account spread through the NHL/twitter world, chaos and consternation reigned. Luckily, the blunt, at times inappropriate, BizNasty was back in a second iteration, hence the 2point0.

Specializing in pictures of the homeless and inventive #tag use, his tweets chronicle a laid-back NHL bench-warming life (which appears to include lots and lots of clubs with DJ's) with plenty of that self-effacing Canadian humor.


6) Jay Feely (JayFeely)

A kicker made the list, but not just any kicker. Jay is a husband, father of four, golfing fanatic, fisherman that wants to change the world. Really, it's right there on the top of his page along with a dapper Jay in a golf-tastic follow-through pose. Jay talks about golf, quite a bit of golf, but he gets extra points for expressing himself in a coherent manner. And is probably the only athlete on this list to weigh in on Tim Pawlenty's presidential aspirations. You're on a roll Jay, now give us your take on Haley Barbour.


Athlete tweeting oil subsidies article link...confusing...let's talk about golf.


That's better.

5) Steve Breaston (SBreaston15)

This Cardinals receiver tops his teammate Larry in this power ranking. Steve aka William Estban aka Benito Stevenson aka Steve Phanton is a prolific tweeter, honestly I have no idea how he gets anything else done. With an eclectic range of interests, writing, video games, comics, Breaston can cover the nerd to jock spectrum.


4) Barry Enright (BarryEnright54)

Representing the D-backs, Enright comes across as that nice, somewhat goofy guy with the beard, that likes to golf and wants you to check out his new pool construction. He posts a question of the day and actually seems to read the responses. Someone was paying attention in the "Relating to the Public" seminar in his rookie season! At this time he is oh-so-close to 2,222 followers - which when he hits, Barry promises fantastic things will be bestowed upon a lucky few. Oh, the suspense. 


3) Steve Nash (SteveNash)

Mr. Phoenix Sun boasts a larger amount of followers then anyone else on this illustrious list, but as you can see the advanced metrics that are used weight other factors that we can't reveal (haven't made up). So, at this point puts Stevie in third.

Steve balances his foundations, movie productions, ticket giveaways and interjects just enough of that dry Canadian wit to keep you coming back. Quirky? yes. With adorable children? of course. Blowing off the economic leaders of the world because the meal wasn't gluten-free? you know it. Proof he drinks that tea with actual mold swirling around in it? Yes, like you needed a picture to believe that.


2) Darnell Dockett (ddockett)

Consistently entertaining and seemingly completely uncensored, Darnell takes followers into the mind of Darnell. Which is a interesting place, but often NSFW. When the Cardinals were struggling this season Darnell was quieter, but now is back. With an invigorated Pro-Bowl vengeance...



1) Jared Dudley (JaredDudley619)

Dudley used his athletic hands to jump on the twitter wagon early, embracing the ability to communicate nonstop with strangers. Weighing in on any subject, not afraid to break early NBA scoops, along with his JMZ/JSPN dispatches from the Suns locker room, Jared has parlayed his twitter use into a bona fide media presence, thus topping our list.