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Cory Hahn's Serious Neck Injury Puts "Melodrama" In Perspective

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Cory Hahn, a 19-year old freshman baseball player at ASU, suffered a serious neck injury on Sunday in a game against New Mexico. This tragedy puts the endless trademongering at the professional level into perspective.

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The internet exploded this President's Day weekend with the trade of Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks. Finally, months of speculation and self-aggrandizing ploys were finished! Melo was where he wanted to be, and we could all sleep well. But another story, much closer to home, impacted me far more than any NBA trade ever could.

Cory Hahn is a freshman outfielder for the Arizona State Sun Devils baseball team, a talented, toolsy player that was drafted in the 26th round of last year's draft by the San Diego Padres. Rather than cash a check and try his luck, Hahn decided that getting an education and improving his draft stock at ASU was the more rational life choice. Up until this weekend, it was.

Hahn was seriously injured while stealing second base against New Mexico on Sunday afternoon. Sliding headfirst, Hahn collided with New Mexico second baseman Kyle Stiner's knee and lay motionless on the dirt for ten minutes while the proper medical attention could arrive.

Very little information has been given on the situation, from either Cory Hahn's family or ASU. In a statement, the family "welcomes all wishes and positive thoughts" while Hahn "slowly" recovers from surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

We spend months mulling possible trades for our favorite athletes, use ESPN "trade machines" and host huge parties for our fantasy football drafts. We are bombarded with microcosms of news, rumors, and misinformation on Twitter -- deals happen, then they don't, then they do. The players didn't create that culture, the fans and their insatiable desire for interesting stories and roster changes were the catalyst for that.

Regardless, the entire Melodrama is meaningless when you realize what it truly is -- a hired gun moving from one uniform to another. We should dedicate our time, wishes, and hopes to something far more significant, like the recovery of a talented teenager who, depending on the way things go, may never again play the sport he loves.

Everything taken away in an instant, all because of some freak accident during his second career collegiate baseball game. That's something actually worth writing about.

All of us here at SB Nation Arizona wish Cory Hahn the best in his recovery from this awful incident.