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Todd Peat Picks Nebraska Over Arizona State, Must Not Be The Weather

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Todd Peat, the defensive tackle from Tempe's Corona del Sol High School, signed a letter of intent today with Nebraska. He picked the Cornhuskers over his home town Arizona State and the other school on his list, Oregon State. Why Oregon State was on his list we will never know.

Peat obviously had no desire to stay at home and play defense for Dennis Erickson who may not even be coaching at ASU much longer if he can't turn the ship around. Funny how that works. Recruits know that a coach is in trouble so they don't want to play for him which only further causes the coach to sink more. Oh, college football, what a troubled existence you live.

Peat might enjoy being a member of the famed Cornhusker Black Shirts Defense and playing for Bo Pelini should be a joy but he also might come to regret the decision once he gets to spend a winter in Lincoln, NE. Todd, dude, do you realize what warm weather does to college girls' choices of clothing? 

According to Fox Sports Arizona's Todd McClune, Peat saw a car with a Nebraska license plate yesterday which he took as a sign. So I guess ASU never really had any chance against that competition. Fate is a bitch.

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Here's a video of Fox Sports Arizona's Mark McClune covering the announcement.