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Dontay Moch: A Typical Day Training For The NFL Combine

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Hamilton High School and University of Nevada alumnus Dontay Moch's weekly blog about his journey to the NFL - discussing a typical training day, Florida wildlife and Valentine's Day.

Hey everyone. I'm back for another weekly blog. Check out what I was up to from Feb. 7-13 and what a common training day for me is like.  Remember: follow me on Twitter @DontayMoch and on Facebook at Dontay Moch.


It's Monday morning, Feb. 7. The first thought on my mind is food!  "What's for b-fast?" I ask myself. As I get out of bed, I'm motivated to get something to eat ... need to get my food tank back at full. I take a look to see what I have to eat. Hash browns, eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and a glass of milk is what I end up eating ... good way to start my day. Once all that is inhaled, I get on with my day, heading to Velocity Sports Performance to start my first of three workouts for the day.

Workout No. 1 (Speed Training)

As all of the rest of the guys start to show up, we begin with speed training. We work on our 5-10-5 drills, vertical jump, broad jump, 40-yard dash technique and finally the L drill. We do each of the drills about 5-8 times each to make sure we have our technique down, although there are times when we run a drill 20 times or more to focus on what we're doing wrong/right.

The more we do the drills, the more tired we get. However, it's when you're tired when the technique really kicks in. While working on each of those drills, our trainer has us slow each of them down to clean up our techniques to run smoother. Out of all the drills, I feel that the technique for the 5-10-5 drill is the most important because the cleaner your technique in the drill, the smoother and faster you're able to run.

I train with about 11 other guys. It's a great group of guys. On different days, I workout with a different guys, depending on what we're working on that day. It's great having the guys around. We keep the workouts entertaining. Yet we keep it focused and serious every day -- always pushing each other. It's important to have both the performance coaches and fellow players to motivate because we all motivate in different ways.


Lunch and Workout No. 2 (Weights Training)

Now its time for lunch. Once I arrive home from our first workout, my food tank is almost on empty once again. For lunch, I end up having a FEW sandwiches (one turkey, one ham, one both ham and turkey) with jalapeno chips, washing it down with a protein shake. 

As I let that digest and enjoy some TV 'til our next workout, I look to my right and I notice that there is not only one muskgee (ducks that are always at my place), but three of them looking into my window right at me. It seems that the ducks had gotten word that there may be food scraps at my place lying around, but if they were listening, they would have known that I never leave scraps. My plate is always clean once I'm done eating! However, it seems that now they have became my pets -- they never go away, and even let me get super close to them.


I head back to begin our second training.  It's weights time. After warmups, I focus on the 225-lb. rep test for the combine and a lot of other power and endurance workouts. That takes roughly two hours to complete.

Workout No. 3 (Position Drills)

We now head off to our third and final workout of the day. This workout focuses on our position drills that we will have to do at the combine. Things like four bags, pass drops, etc. These workouts may be a lot harder than the ones I faced in college; however, it is a much different focus now.  The day is complete. The order of the workouts may change, but these are the type of workouts we do every day. Regardless, we go hard every day to pursue the dream that a lot of us have had since we were little.

"Nothing limits achievement like small thinking, nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination."


My free time this week has consisted of much more eating, more movies, the Naples Zoo and also a few visits to the beach.

The movies that I have see this week have been "The Dilemma," "Just Go With It," "The Rite" and "True Grit." My favorites are "The Dilemma" and "The Rite."  "The Dilemma" had one of my favorite comedy actors in it: Vince Vaughn. It was a very funny, goofy movie that had a little bromance in it. "The Rite" was a good movie if you are into drama and adaptation type of movies. The movie was an exorcism movie that helps a man find his faith and path through life.

Me and a few of the guys also went to see what the Naples Zoo had to offer. YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO CHECK OUT THE ZOO! Haha. We saw monkeys, birds, zebras, lions, panthers, gators and many other animals. Interestingly though, no muskgees there ... I guess they are all hanging around my place. 



A few readers were asking about some stories from the past, so I'm cool to reminisce about high school life at Hamilton High in Chandler, Ariz., or college life in Reno, Nev. Starting next week, if you have any topics or stories you like me to tell, let me know.

Valentine's Day

Thank you all for taking time out of your day to read my blog. Have a great Valentine's Day -- Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.).