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Wildcats Get Last Laugh - For A Night

Oh those crazy Sun Devils students. They tried to get under the Wildcats’ skin with chants of "Block that kick!" and "Zendejas! Zendejas!," painful reminders of the Devils’ Territorial Cup upset of U of A in football last season.


It was funny. It was clever. But it wasn’t enough. Arizona is nationally ranked for a reason, even if the Cats didn’t play all that well.


And when the game was in hand for Arizona, their fans, peppered around Wells Fargo Arena, clad in red and loud and proud, chanted "U of A! U of A!" with joyful gusto. It was their night to celebrate at the Sun Devils’ expense.


In a pure basketball sense, ASU simply can’t beat a team as good and as deep as Arizona when three of its top scorers — Trent Lockett, Ty Abbott and Rihards Kuksiks — combine to make only 7 of 29 shots in a 67-52 Wildcats win.