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Dontay Moch: From Phoenix . . . To Reno . . . To The NFL

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Hamilton High School and University of Nevada alumn Dontay Moch's first blog about his journey to the NFL, discussing football, training, movies, and his hobby . . . eating. Dontay is a projected third round pick but is confident that his performance in the NFL Combine will move him higher. For more on Moch , check out this story on his amazing speed from SB Nation's Mocking the Draft.

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Hello everyone. As some may know, my name is Dontay Moch. I am a former defensive end / outside linebacker, number 55, from the University of Nevada Reno . . . home of the Wolfpack, where I played all four seasons. I would love to first start off by thanking my family and friends for pushing me to be whom I am today. Next I'd like to thank my coaching staff at Nevada, because without them I would not be placed in the opportunity I am now facing. Third I would like to thank the fans for supporting me throughout my college career.

I will be writing a weekly blog regarding what it is like to get ready for the NFL draft/combine, and also let you get an better idea of who I am as a person.

Sunday, February 6, 2011 (Super Bowl Sunday)

As I begin preparing meals for the Super Bowl... Before I get into my Sunday, let's back track a little to what brought me to this day.

January 22, 2011

Today is the day I play in the East vs West Shrine game. The build up of this game has motivated me to strive to become an overall better person. The Shrine game is more than just a football game, it is the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. As both teams take the field I realize that everyone is there for the same reason, to play hard and to give back to the community. Although the East came up victorious, the West still enjoyed the opportunity to play in a game for such an amazing cause.


January 23, 2011

I head to the airport with my family leaving Orlando, FL, on my way to Naples, FL where I will be training for the next couple months preparing for the NFL Combine.


I arrive in Naples, FL. As I sit and eat dinner with my Agent, I realize that all my life, time, hard work, and dreams I have had since I was a child, will soon become reality.


Monday, January 24, 2011

First day of training

Velocity Sports Performance

I meet with Derek Touchette, my speed trainer, and he explains to me the process he has set out for me building up to the Combine. We do a run through of the schedule of activities:

Running and speed in the mornings

Weights in the afternoon

Recovery in the evenings

Throughout the week of the 21st-31st of January I perfect these drills and get comfortable with my new schedule and environment.

February 1st-6th (2nd week of training)

Now that everyone is conditioned and comfortable with the training, we start our time trials of the different drills we will go through at the Combine. My times were good, but there is still room for improvement. I'm looking to be the best, and shock and amaze everyone. Tune in for the combine to see what numbers it is I'll be clocked at.

Free Time: Naples, FL (movies and meals)

My free time has consisted of enjoying the weather, movies, food, and shopping. The weather is humid but hot and has been a nice change from the dry air and snow I was used to in Reno. I have seen quite a few movies since I've been here. I find movies something to do to relax. I've seen The Fighter, The Fockers, The Roommate, Sanctum, The Green Hornet, No Strings Attached, and The Mechanic.

Out of those movies I would have to say my favorite would have to be either the Mechanic or Sanctum, mainly because The Mechanic has the detailed action and graphics that I enjoy in a movie. Although Sanctum is a whole different type of movie, it was more of a thriller that kept me at the tip of my seat, had me guessing throughout the entire movie. It is for sure a must see!!

I have been eating/cooking a lot to keep getting my weight back up to where it needs to be. Having home cooked meals is definitely helping that I always find myself cooking meals such as fish.

Salmon is my favorite type of fish, I normally would smoke cook it with lemon pepper or garlic and herb with white rice and a side of Veggies. Also I do enjoy BBQ'n which leads to me cooking all types of meats/beef/corn (on the grill). Lastly my favorite quick meals would have to be pasta with white sauce, no matter what I have throughout the day I still find myself cooking pasta at least once a day.

This brings me to my next topic . . . MEALS: haha, I eat just about 6-8 meals a day; yes, I said 6-8 meals a day but yet I still don't feel FULL! Food is what I call my hobby. lol.


Now back to where I left off, it's Sunday Feb. 6, 2011. Super Bowl Sunday is on the TV. Both the Packers and the Steelers are beginning to take the field, although I do not have a favorite team I am still hoping this game will be a good one.

Packers with the victory, turned out to be a great game!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my Blog. Please let me know if you have any questions (in the comments below); I'll do my best to answer. Also follow me on twitter @DontayMoch or find me on my Facebook fan page "Dontay Moch."

Thank you for your support, see you next week.