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2012 NFL Draft: Nick Foles A Solid Quarterback Option Behind Andrew Luck

Foles ranks among the second-tier of quarterback options and could move even higher with a strong Senior Bowl performance.

Nick Foles has spent the last two and a half seasons wowing NFL scouts with his big arm in the pocket. There are certainly a few flaws with the senior quarterback -- mobility and decision making have been questioned in the past -- but there is no denying that Foles can make all of the throws.

As of right now, Andrew Luck is the only underclassman quarterback to declare for the 2012 NFL Draft, even if he has not done so officially. Matt Barkley out of USC will return for his senior season and neither Robert Griffin III or Landry Jones know what they will do come April. As of now, Foles is projected as a second round pick, according to CBS Sports. Anthony Gimino reports Arizona's all-time passing yards leader has a lot to prove at the Senior Bowl.

Foles is headed to the Senior Bowl, his father Larry confirmed Friday, where he will get a chance to work out for a week in front of scouts from every NFL team. The game will be played Jan. 28 in Mobile, Ala.

"He just has to go out and prove himself," Larry Foles said. "I told him, ‘It's all you now.' You can't say this or that anymore. Now, it's how well you prepare and how you do."

And as far as what Foles will need to do at the Senior Bowl?

"The biggest concern that I have always had with Nick Foles is the offense at Arizona allowed him so many short to intermediate passes," Rob Rang, a senior draft analyst for CBS, said.

"While we are seeing more and more NFL teams incorporate that type of attack into what they do, he is going to be challenged in Mobile to throw the ball deep. If he can do that, it's going to really help his grade."

As agents have said for years, a player does not have to make every team fall in love with him, just one that likes him enough to draft him. There will be concerns with Foles, but assuming he performs well in the coming weeks, he could very well become the highest Wildcat quarterback selected in the NFL Draft.