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2011 End Of The Year Awards From SB Nation Arizona: Play Of The Year

For play of the year, the determination was simple: what was that singular occurrence that made you simply say "wow;" that one moment that made you grab your remote and instantly rewind your DVR just so you could relive it again; that lone instant of incredible will-power and athleticism that is so lasting, you can recall exactly where you were when you first witnessed it.

For me, there's only one worthy representative that meets all these requirements: Patrick Peterson's 99-yard game-winning punt return touchdown in overtime against the St. Louis Rams. I mean, punt return touchdowns are difficult enough to come by, let alone ones where someone runs one yard shy of the entire football field. Now through in the fact that is was it was one person putting the entire roster on his back to win a football game in sudden death and, well, you can't make this stuff up.

Don't believe me? Watch it for yourself. I have already at least 25 times:

Runner up: Ryan Robert's walk-off grand slam against the Dodgers

I think Darren Sutton deserves a lot of credit for a great call but still this is one of those that make you say "did that just really happen?" Sure, it barely floated over the left field fence but come on...Ryan Roberts does the Gibby fist-pump! Talk about some true showmanship. This was easily the most impressive comeback by the Diamondbacks this season (and that's saying something because there was a lot of them).

After only scoring one run each in a full frame, the Dodgers exploded for five in the top of the tenth. And just when all seemed lost, the D-backs scrapped across two before being lifted by Roberts four-run blast. The best part of it all? It was against those pesky Dodgers. Oh yeah, and it kept Micah Owings undefeated record intact. Go ahead and relive this magical moment. You know you want to: