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NFL Picks, Week 15: Tim Tebow Playing On Christmas Eve Is A Gift For Us All

This is it folks, NFL Week 16 marks the next to final slate of regular season football and we are still here with our picks against the spread. We went 9-8 last week, picking the Chiefs to cover (they won) and picking the Ravens to easy beat the Chargers (they lost). For the season we are now 121-112 ATS.

The early games on Week 16 include the return of Tim Tebow on Christmas Eve, what could be better? (Tebow ON Christmas, of course.). Here's our first slate of picks which starts with Thursday's game and then kicks off Saturday NFL football.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts (+5.5): The Colts finally won a game but they won't want to risk Andrew Luck by winning another. The Texans are still very much in the playoff discussion despite having quarterback injury issues. This one should be a rollover for the Texans as they roll over the Colts who will roll over for Luck. Pick: Texans

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (-13.5): The Ravens will do their things and bounce back after losing to the Chargers but the Browns have proved to be a feisty bad team that plays hard. Even if Colt McCoy still can't play, Cleveland should be able to lose with dignity and keep the Ravens from covering this big spread. Pick: Browns

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills (+3): Tim Tebow (!) will have the shackles of having to play a good team removed and with that freedom should once again capture the hearts and hate of bipolar America. The poor Bills are merely the lambs being led to this slaughter. Pick: Broncos

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (-7): Poor Cam Newton had all his thunder stolen by some other unconventional QB who happens to have the good fortune of playing with a top defense. The Bucs are, well they are horrible. Pick: Panthers

Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals (-4.5): The Cardinals may or may not have Kevin Kolb back for this game and it may or may not matter. We've only seen one solid half of football from Kolb while John Skelton is doing his best Tebow and winning ugly (and with defense). The Bengals are good but will likely be without A.J. Green and should still be favored but not by this much. Pick: Cardinals

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