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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: Cardinals Continue Their Run

The Cardinals continue to hold onto their slim playoff hopes, as well as their growing respect in the nation's Power Rankings.

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The Arizona Cardinals wish they could start this season over. They wish they could start the season over and play like they are now from the very beginning. If they did, they'd probably be staring at a playoff spot. But since time travel is not possible, they'll have to live with a bit of respect from the nation's Power Rankings and some positive vibes heading into next season.

ESPN oddly dropped the Cardinals one spot even though they beat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday but did speak on the improvements on defense and how they are the biggest parts of the team's turnaround.

Sportsline moved the Cardinals up four spots to no. 24 and gave props to the defense. Sportsline also hasn't given up playoff hopes for the Cards. And they also mentioned just how much of a monster Larry Fitzgerald is.

SBNation moved the Cardinals up one spot and gave the Cardinals respect for winning five of their last six games after their dismal 1-6 start.