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2012 Fiesta Bowl: Sugar Bowl Was Willing To Trade To Keep Oklahoma Out Of Fiesta Bowl

The Sugar Bowl desperately wanted the Oklahoma Sooners to play in their event this year, to the extent that they were willing to seek a trade of BCS teams to get them, reports Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

Before Oklahoma squared off with the Oklahoma State Cowboys to determine the two teams' final standings, representatives for the Sugar Bowl were in touch with the interim Big 12 commissioner about working out a deal that would have sent the Sooners to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. The idea, beyond obtaining what the Sugar Bowl camp viewed as the more marketable team, was to prevent what is being dubbed "Fiesta Fatigue" due to Oklahoma having appeared in the Fiesta Bowl in three of the past five years.

As it turned out, the Sugar Bowl ultimately didn't have to do anything other than root for Oklahoma to lose their final game, which they did. The loss made any BCS trade a moot point, as the Cowboys immediately became the likely team to head to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl on January 2, 2012. They'll face off against the Stanford Cardinal in Tempe.

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