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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Cardinals Finally Make A Move On ESPN, Sportsline

All the Cardinals needed was to play the Rams - and for Patrick Peterson to bail them out.

Sometimes in life there are moments when you just need to play the St. Louis Rams.

And for an Arizona Cardinals team on a six-game losing streak heading into Sunday's game, the Rams were a beautiful sight.

But they still had to work for it, needing a Patrick Peterson 99-yard punt return in overtime to pull out a 19-13 win. Only downside is that even with the win, the respect level for the Rams and how hard it was for the Cardinals to win, didn't allow them to move much in national Power Rankings.

ESPN and Sportsline both moved them up one spot to no. 29, both mentioning how a hobbled Kevin Kolb most likely won't be available next week when the Cardinals face his former team, the Eagles.

SBNation was excited to finally move the Cardinals up since they have systematically destroyed all preseason predictions. The Cardinals moved from no. 30 to no. 28 in their rankings.