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Around The NFC West: 49ers Win Again, Patrick Peterson In Cardinals/Rams, Seahawks Are Sort Of Competitive

After nine weeks in the NFL and half the regular season in the books for the NFC West, everything looks more or less the same as last week. The San Francisco 49ers put together another victory, while the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams lost again. Only the Arizona Cardinals managed a win because they were playing the Rams and Patrick Peterson walked off the game with a punt return touchdown in overtime.

At 7-1 now with a victory over the Washington Redskins, they hold a five-game lead over the Seahawks and Cardinals, who are both 2-6. The Rams, at 1-7, go back in to the cellar. Winning the division is all but certain for San Fran

Continue reading to check out what the individual team sites had to say about their teams' games.


Seahawks Lose to Cowboys 23-13: A Recap - Field Gulls
The Seahawks made it interesting in Dallas today but ultimately the Cowboys were too much for this young team, running away with it at the end to win 23-13 to go to 4-4 on the year. The Seahawks fall to 2-6. It was a game that had a feeling sort of similar to the last two for Seattle - lots of missed opportunities and mistakes, penalties, poor special teams play, weird clock management and yet the Hawks remained within striking distance until late against a good team.

49ers Vs. Redskins Recap: Same Ol' Situation - Niners Nation

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Washington Redskins to improve to 7-1 for the first time since 1997. Of course, as has happened a little often, things got a little close for comfort at the end. The 49ers took a 19-3 lead as the Washington Redskins could not get anything going. However, the Redskins took advantage of a soft secondary to cut the lead to 19-11, getting a touchdown with 1:10 left and then converting the two point attempt. Fortunately the 49ers recovered the ensuing onside kick and put it away with the victory formation.

Arizona Cardinals Defeat St. Louis Rams 19-13 On Patrick Peterson Punt Return In Overtime - Revenge of the Birds

In a game full of mediocre play and wacky scoring methods, the Arizona Cardinals were able to register their second win of the season, leaving the St. Louis Rams in last place in the NFC West. After a blocked field goal led to a 13-13 tie in regulation, the game went to overtime where rookie Patrick Peterson was able to take a punt return back for 99 yards to seal the victory. 

St Louis Rams loss @ the Arizona Cardinals - Oh The Pain - Turf Show Times

Just a week out from the Rams greatest victory in two NFL seasons, and arguably the best in head coach Steve Spagnuolo's tenure, the St Louis Rams lost to the Arizona Cardinals, a 1-6 team starting their backup quarterback... a game which many will admit has to be one of the most disappointing losses since the Rams lost at Seattle in week 17 last season for the division title.