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NFL TV Schedule: Steelers Vs. Ravens Top Sunday Afternoon Games

If you live in Arizona, there is not much in the way of options for the NFL games on television Sunday afternoon. You will be watching the Arizona Cardinals host the St. Louis Rams on FOX at 2:15 Arizona time in a battle royale of likely backup quarterbacks to determine who will occupy the NFC West cellar for the time being. It will be the only local option before the Sunday Night Football game on NBC. 

The Sunday night game is worth waiting for, though. It is the best rivalry in the NFL today -- the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. Both are battling for the lead in the AFC North and both teams genuinely dislike each other. Combine the animosity, the importance of the game and the fact both these franchises have been very successful for the past many years, and you have a recipe for a successful rivalry worth watching anywhere in the country.

However, if you have the NFL Sunday ticket package, there are a few other games you can turn to waiting for the Steelers/Ravens tilt should the Cardinals/Rams game get out of hand. All these games are the 4:05/4:15 EST games.

In the way of quality matchups, the seemingly invincible Green Bay Packers visit the San Diego Chargers, who want to get rid of the embarrassment of the recent Monday night late-game fumble and loss against the Chiefs. There is also the former Super Bowl matchup between the New your Giants and New England Patriots

Perhaps the most popular contest is one that does not have the competitive balance. Tim Tebow will lead his Denver Broncos with his purity and winning attitude into evil Oakland to face the Raiders

The one other contest pits the young Cincinnati Bengals,a surprise in the AFC North, against the Tennessee Titans and the very disappointing Chris Johnson. 

In other words, there are plenty of excuses to not leave the living room. Football will be on!