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Arizona Vs. Utah Final Score: Nick Foles And Wildcats Lose 34-21

The Arizona Wildcats hosted the Utah Utes on Saturday night, and things largely did not go Arizona's way. They squandered key opportunities throughout the evening and were eventually handed a 34-21 loss.

Nick Foles had two touchdowns in the game, both to David Douglas. The only other scoring that the Wildcats managed was a 29 yard rushing touchdown by Daniel Jenkins with under half a minute left in the fourth quarter.

You have to admire the Arizona coaching staff attempting to keep the pressure on by going for the onside kick with 23 seconds left and down by 13 points. Sadly, that didn't manage to go Arizona's way either, as the Utes were able to grab the ball and run out the clock.

Foles ended the game 25-for-43 with 326 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

If the Arizona offense hadn't waited until nearly the end of the first half to start scoring, the game may have ended up being a bit more competitive. Certainly this isn't the way the Wildcats envisioned this one.

If you want to discuss this game with your fellow Wildcats fans, you can always find them online at Arizona Desert Swarm.