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Arizona Vs. Utah Score Update: Wildcats Trail 17-0 In Second Quarter

In the early goings of the game between the visiting Utah Utes and the hometown Arizona Wildcats, the Utes have kept the game fairly one-sided. After the Wildcats got out of the first quarter only down 3-0, Utah came out swinging in the second quarter, now leading 17-0.

Both teams squandered chances in the first quarter, but Arizona twice made it to the edge of the Utah red zone and both times were turned away without a score.

The Utah offense had not been all that spectacular either, having to settle for a field goal after making it to Arizona's 15 yard line. But the Utes managed to come out roaring in the second quarter Jon Hays lobbed a 65 yard touchdown pass to DeVonte Christopher, putting the finishing touches on a 90 yard drive that began in the closing minutes of the first quarter.

Nick Foles had a pass intercepted by Matt Martinez at the Arizona 30 yard line. A few moments later, John White had an 18-yard carry for another Utah touchdown to put the Utes up 17-0.

The Wildcats will need to focus in the second half. Utah's defense is keeping the pressure on, and their offense is beginning to wake up. Neither of these are good things for Arizona.

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