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ASU Baseball Deemed Ineligible For 2012 Postseason by NCAA

The ASU Baseball team has been ruled ineligible for 2012 postseason play by the NCAA Infractions Committee.

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The Arizona State baseball program was hoping for a little leeway, but instead got the door shut in their face.

The Sun Devils were ruled ineligible for the 2012 NCAA Tournament after the NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee sustained penalties set forth by the NCAA Infractions Committee last season. ASU appealed the postseason ban and three-year probation imposedback in December of 2010 on account of it being excessive, and that all three violations shouldn't have been viewed as 'major.'

In a ruling issued Friday by the Appeals Committee, two of the three violations were upheld as major violations, though found the penalties to be just considering ASU is a repeat violator and has had multiple major violations within the last five years.

Here's what ASU Vice President of Athletics Lisa Love had to say about it:

"The student employment and student manager violations that were appealed in this case were inadvertent and did not provide significant recruiting advantage, which is the definition that the NCAA uses for a secondary violation. While we appreciate the committee's decision to reduce the third violation to secondary status, we are concerned about its decision to uphold the other two. We believe that others who review the case will share our concerns about this outcome."

The NCAA accused the ASU baseball program of not properly monitoring it's own activities back in December of 2010, thusly causing recruiting violations, questionable coaching practices and overpaying athletes for work with a non-profit program. The NCAA deemed the program to have a "lack of institutional control,"  causing the team's current ban from postseason play.