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NFL Picks, Week 13: Will Michael Vick Play? It Doesn't Even Matter

It's time for our Week 13 NFL expert picks against the spread. We are "experts" by the nature of our making picks, it's how the world works these days. It's not as if there's a degree you can get in picking NFL games. What matters is your record and our record on the season is 87-81 ATS which is very respectable. So, here's our picks for NFL Week 13 for the first five games on the schedule. We'll post picks for the rest of the NFL schedule later in the week so check back often.

Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks (+2.5): Michael Vick may or may not play in this game but honestly, does it matter? He's not had a good season and the Eagles defense was already bad and is no banged up. The Seahawks are not a good football team but they do beat teams at home (like the Ravens). Pick: Seahawks

Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills (+1): Yuck. This one could get ugly and by that we mean they will play a game which by its very nature will be ugly. Chris Johnson might have finally played himself into game shape, however, which gives the edge to Tennessee but I wouldn't bet the farm on this one. I wouldn't bet the farm on anyone of them even if I had a farm. Pick: Titans

Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears (-7.5): The battle of bad backup quarterbacks. Fun stuff. The Bears should win this game at home but the line seems a bit high. The Chiefs do put up a good fight. Pick: Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons at Houston Texans (+2.5): No Matt Schaub. No Matt Leinart. Yes, Houston, we have a problem and his name isn't Matt. The Falcons haven't exactly been impressive but they do have seven wins and they do have a quarterback which is helpful in the NFL. Pick: Falcons

Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins (-3): Boy, this one brings back memories of good old AFC battles back in the day. The Silver and Black and the Teal and Orange, an epic clash of colors. The Raiders have won three of four since Carson Palmer arrived and the Dolphins are showing signs of life after they were an early front-running in the "Suck for Luck" campaign. Who's sucking now, sucka! Pick: Dolphins

You can still pick against us in our weekly contest which you can join here (ID: 55411, PW: arizona).