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Mike Bellotti, Leading Arizona Wildcats Football Coaching Candidate?

Maybe we've been looking at the wrong Mike all along.

Mike Bellotti might be eyeing a return to the Pac-12, and he's apparently in the mix for the Arizona Wildcats head coaching search.

Mark Asher of Arizona Sports 620 AM reports on the two most important hires Arizona will probably be making this offseason.

Hearing it is Bellotti to UofA. Justin Wilcox could be the Defensive Coordinator

Bellotti had a long and successful run as head coach of the Oregon Ducks, compiling a record of 137-80-2 and two Pac-10 championships, sharing one with Washington and Oregon State in 2000 and winning one outright the year after. Oregon had only one losing season in his 14 years. It'd be hard to beat that resume.

The idea of Wilcox moving to Arizona from Tennessee is hard to believe though. Tennessee is one of the most prominent college football programs in the country. Taking a lateral move to Tucson does seem like a step backward if Wilcox really wants to climb the college ladder.

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