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2011 Ironman Arizona: Former Diamondback Eric Byrnes Emotional Finish [Video]

Eric Byrnes is known by baseball fans for a lot of reasons. He was the big personality who played hard. He's also the guy who got a three-year, $30m contract from the Arizona Diamondbacks and then fell apart in a slew of injuries and poor play which left a bitter taste with a lot of fans.

Byrnes is now an analyst on MLB Network where his boisterous nature is clearly an asset. He is also now, officially an Ironman after he completed the 2011 Ironman Arizona competition on Sunday.

Make fun of Eric all you want for his goofy style, but he swam 2.4 miles in Tempe Town Lake, biked 112 miles and ran a full marathon in 10:45 minutes. Chances are very good that you can't do the same.

Byrnes raced to help raise money for the Pat Tillman Foundation and crossed the finish line carrying a jersey from the former ASU and Cardinals player.

"It's probably one of the most special things that really, I've ever done in my life," Byrnes said in a post-race interview. You can watch the full interview with Swim Bike Run after the jump.