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Mike Leach Noncommittal About Arizona Wildcats Coaching Vacancy

The Arizona Wildcats and Mike Leach. Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it?

Leach didn't give off any clues about his interest in the position when he made a trip to Tucson today for promoting the Casino del Sol College All-Star Game. But as Ryan Finley of the Arizona Daily Star reports it, Leach gives off clues that he probably would be interested in the position if he was approached.

"Anybody would be interested in that job," Leach said.

"They have an idea of what they're looking for, an idea of the direction of where they're going. If I somehow fit in there, maybe there'll be some dialog; if I don't, I'm sure they'll select a good individual for the position."

Leach isn't likely to make a decision anytime soon, probably not until after the season. But the profile of Tucson does seem to match up with Leach--it's out in the middle of nowhere, they run the Airraid attack that he perfected, and Arizona hasn't made a Rose Bowl in forever (and I mean it--never ever has Arizona made it to Pasadena). Why not take the show to the West and try to stir things up in the Pac-12?

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