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UFC 139 Results: Stephan Bonnar Dominates Kyle Kingsbury

Veteran light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar scores a unanimous decision victory over former ASU football player Kyle Kingsbury. The scores were 30-27, 30-27 and 30-25. This was the first loss for Kingsbury since December 2008.

Kingsbury was able to land some punches early and landed some knees in the clinch during the first round. However, in the first round Bonnar landed more striking combinations and had Kingsbury bleeding in the first round.

Bonnar was able to take Kingsbury down and keep him down in the second round. Bonnar dominated the entire second round on the ground as he looked for multiple submissions but wasn't able to finish Kingsbury. Kingsbury defended against the submission well but still was on bottom for most of the round and got pounded most of the round.

Kingsbury was taken down again in the third round and just like in the second round Bonnar kept Kingsbury there the entire round. Bonnar did some nice work with the elbows and ground strikes in the third round as he cruised to a unanimous decision victory. 

Bonnar has now won three fights in a row and the veteran fighter continues to climb up the light heavyweight division.