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UFC 139 Results: Baczynski Wins By Second Round Submission

Tempe's own Seth Baczynski defeated fellow welterweight Matt Brown by second round submission to improve his MMA record to 15-6. Baczynski won on a guillotine choke at :42 seconds of the second round, it is the fourth win in a row for Baczynski. 

Baczynski landed the first punch of the fight, a big right hand that landed on the face of Matt Brown. The two fighters then got in the clinch with Brown landing big knees to the body of Baczynski. Baczynski got a take down with about two minutes left in the round but Brown quickly put Baczynski on his back with a reversal.

The round ended with the two men standing in the clinch and Baczynski landing some good knees on Brown. Tough round to score although I gave it 10-9 to Matt Brown.

The second round was short and sweet. Brown went for and got the takedown on Baczynski However Seth defended well and got Brown in a guillotine choke. After about 15 grueling seconds, Brown tapped and Baczynski was awarded the submission victory.

Brown looked as if he may escape the choke as his head almost slipped out of the grasp of Baczynski. "I just knew I had to be patient in that situation," Baczynski said when asked about Brown potentially escaping the choke. Baczynski is now 2-0 since returning to the UFC and has won four fights overall.