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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Cardinals Streak Earns Some Respect

Cardinals winning streak continues. But is there drama up ahead? At least the Power Rankings are a push in the right direction.

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Two straight wins, two quarterbacks in the crosshairs. Has to be difficult for the Arizona Cardinals to swallow that they did all they could to bring Kevin Kolb over from the Philadelphia Eagles when he is more of a question than an answer at this point. Meanwhile, backup John Skelton has won two straight games. Must be nice in the desert right now.

With San Francisco on the horizon, ESPN notes that if Skelton can pull that one off, there REALLY could be problems in AZ. Rams, Eagles and 49ers would be a Marc Bulger-esque start. (Yes, a Marc Bulger reference.) The Cardinals moved up six spots to no. 23.

Coaches have to love Sportsline's viewpoint. Why can't the defense play like it did against the Eagles all the time? Who knows, but it earned the Cardinals a move up only one spot to no. 28.

SBNation knows there has to be a quarterback controversy on the horizon. It just has to be. Oh, and they moved the Cardinals up three spots to no. 25.