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Cardinals Vs. Vikings Score Update: Arizona Can't Hold On To Ball, Down 21-0 In 1st Qtr

The Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings started this game showing why they have a combined 1-7 record going in. Neither team was all that impressive with the Cardinals offense failing to get a first down in their first two possessions and Dononvan McNabb thanking his lucky stars he wasn't picked off twice in his first two series.

Then Arizona imploded first and Minnesota was off to the races.

The Vikings got on the board first after the Cardinals got pinned to their goal line and put up a bad punt with bad punt coverage and gave Minnesota the ball at the Arizona 18. McNabb simply handed the ball to Adrian Peterson and let the league's best running back go to work. Peterson moved the chains and punched it in from four yards.

On the very next drive, Kolb was picked off when a ball over the middle was tipped at the line. The Vikings started their drive on the Arizona 24 and ended it one play later with Peterson in the end zone.

If things weren't bad enough, Kolb once again failed to feel the pressure from the outside and had the ball knocked from his hands for another fumble. Great field position once again turned into points for the home team. This time it was McNabb who ran the ball in to put Minnesota up 21-0.

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