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Arizona vs. Oregon State: Wildcats Offensive Line Facing Uncertainty Once Again

Tell me if you've heard this before: just a few days before their next game, the Arizona Wildcats have uncertainty surrounding their offensive line.

That is the case this week as UA prepares for the winless Oregon State Beavers. After trying out three different combinations at the guard positions this season, they will be changing it up once again. Anthony Gimino explains the changes and what coach Stoops expects:

Junior Shane Zink, who has started two games at right guard and one at left guard as an injury replacement, is out, perhaps for the rest of the season, with a foot injury suffered last week at USC.

"It could be permanent for the year," coach Mike Stoops said after Wednesday's practice. "Not sure exactly what we're doing there."

"Not exactly sure what we're doing here." This also feels like something 'Cats fans have heard throughout the last few weeks.

With Trace Biskin set to start at right guard, there are quite a few options for his counterpart. Chris Putton could make the start, but he has battled an ankle injury and may not be cleared to play. If Putton is out, redshirt freshman Carter Lees may make the first start of his career on Saturday.

Regardless of who plays, Arizona needs for their offensive linemen to improve up front. Nick Foles cannot keep taking hits like he did in September.