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NFL Picks Against The Spread, Week 5: Pittsburgh Steelers Not A Good Pick

Honestly, we're running out of ways to introduce these weekly NFL picks. We like to use words that help you find us, like NFL picks against the spread and Vegas odds. If you are readying this now, it must have worked and you could really care less by this point. So, here's our NFL Week 5 picks for the Sunday early games.

Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills (+3): The Eagles are loaded with problems and are an underdog on the road against the Bills? I guess Vegas is factoring in desperation, but of course the Bills lost last week too. Pick: Bills 

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers (+7): Drew Brees vs. Cam Newton, who knew this would be a fun match-up in Week 5? Pick: Saints

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans (-6): The Texans are without Andre Johnson for a few weeks and the Raiders are impossible to predict. Pick: Raiders

Kansas City at Indianapolis Colts (-3): Wow, can't wait for this game! On second, I can't wait for this game to be over!! Pick: Colts

Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars (-1): The Bengals are actually a fairly decent team and a very legit defense and they are a one-point dog? Come on, Vegas, you are making this too easy. Pick: Cincinnati

Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants (-10): The Giants are going to win this game but not by 10 points. Pick: Seahawks

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3): This should be a very interesting game. The Titans defense is good and the Steelers is not. Pick: Titans

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