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NFL Picks Against The Spread, Week 5: Where We Kick Vegas In The Tail

We kicked ass in our NFL picks last week in our pick 'em game going 11-for-16 against the spread. If you want to beat the Vegas odds, we highly suggest you listen to what we said last week. As for Week 5, who knows. But we can say with great confidence that we were awesome last week.

Instead of bragging about all the picks we got right, there's just too many, we'll review the misses. We picked the Buffalo Bills to beat the Cincinnati Bengals, but who didn't? We refuse to feel bad about that one. A bigger mistake was taking the Cleveland Browns at +1.5 over the Tennessee Titans. Oops.

The Minnesota vs. Kansas City debacle was a toss up -- no regrets there. We also picked the Falcons to beat the Seahawks, which they did but couldn't cover the 4.5-point spread. Yes, we did pick the Cardinals to beat the Giants and if it weren't for a blown call (and the inability to hold a lead or get a stop) we would have won that one too.

So yeah, 11-4 last week against the spread. We'll take that and you should be dying by this point to see our picks for Week 5. We'll do one on Wednesday, then more on Thursday and Friday.

You can join our pick 'em game (ID: 55411, PW: arizona) as well and try and beat us (good luck with that!).

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings (-1): This game opened with the Vikings a three-point favorite which basically means they are getting the home field bump and nothing else. The line dropped in some places to one-point which probably accounts for Vegas remembering that Donovan McNabb is still the quarterback in Minnesota.

The Vikings had big halftime leads in three of their games and blew them. The Cardinals lost three games by a total of eight points. Something has to give and we think it will be the Vikings giving up big yards to Beanie Wells and Larry Fitzgerald and the the Minnesota offensive line giving up pressure. Pick: Arizona

We'll have picks for Sunday morning games on Thursday and picks for Sunday afternoon, evening and Monday will come out on Friday. Stay tuned and as always, don't bet real money on our picks (even though we are 31-29 on the season).