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Paul Goldschmidt Grand Slam Causes Glove Tossing Incident (ANIMATED!)

When one throws an object in the air, it is typically in celebration of a big event. Whether it be candy at a birthday party, a cap at a graduation ceremony, or Larry Fitzgerald throwing his millions in the air after receiving a pay check, a person typically finds joy in tossing an item around.

That wasn't the case for Shaun Marcum against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday night. 

With the bases loaded and Paul Goldschmidt at the plate, the rookie first baseman belted a ball over the right field wall to make the score 7-1. While the crowd of nearly 50,000 at Chase Field celebrated, Marcum responded in his own special way.

We have his priceless reaction after the jump...


May the Brewers pitchers continue throwing their gloves in the air throughout the rest of this series.

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