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Brewers Keep The Mood Light

Ask almost any major-league baseball player, and team meetings are down toward the bottom of the list of his favorite things about his job. 

And then there are the Milwaukee Brewers, a team of many personalities that just works. The zany Nyjer Morgan. The ebullient Prince Fielder. The personable Ryan Braun. 

They and others help make Brewers meetings entertaining. See, manager Ron Roenicke admitted Tuesday he doesn't have the sense of humor to liven things up all the time. So he gets help from his players to keep the Brewers a loose bunch.

"When we're loose, we're confident," Roenicke said. "When you have a lot of different personalities it stirs things up a lot easier."

In a good way, because the Brewers won their division and were one game away from the NL Championship Series Tuesday.

Roenicke made the meetings fun because he was part of that as a Los Angeles Dodger under Tommy Lasorda. When Roenicke was on Mike Scioscia's staff in Anaheim, Scioscia did the same thing. 

"We have some dancing going on, he have some singing going on," Roenicke said.