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Cardinals vs. Vikings Odds: Opening Line Has Arizona As Small Underdogs

The Arizona Cardinals keep on losing in heartbreaking fashion. Now they face a team that can do nothing but lose, lose, lose. Something's gotta give here, right?

The Cardinals are 1-3 when they can easily be 3-1 or 4-0; the Vikings should be like 3-1 or 4-0 and are instead winless as they come. So the line is a predictable "home field advantage" line, with Minnesota being favored by one to three points, most likely because they're at home in the Dome.

Arizona has shown moxie in all their road losses, and it does feel like a situation where you should look heavily at Kevin Kolb and Beanie Wells pulling something off on the road. Still, Leslie Frazier and Minnesota are pretty much in panic mode, and they'll really want to win this one to ensure the fanbase doesn't totally turn on them. Might want to wait out the week and observe what the Cardinals do before you decide to back them up with your bets.

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