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NFL Expert Picks, Week 8: Can The Dolphins or Colts Get a Win? Don't Hold Your Breath

Week 8 of the NFL season gives us a number of lower-tier teams taking the field early this Sunday, though they're may be some chances to make some dough on some of these big spreads. Is there a possible upset brewing or even a W from a winless team? You'll have to wait and see!

Here's our picks for the Sunday morning games. We'll have picks for the rest of the games on Friday. You can pick against us in our weekly contest which you can join here (ID: 55411, PW: arizona).    

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans (-9): Are the Colts ever going to win a game? Odds are against them this season. And even with all the struggles Chris Johnson has had I'll take Matt Hasselbeck over Curtis Painter or Kerry Collins, I don't care which one of them plays. Pick: Titans 

New Orleans Saints (-14) at St. Louis Rams: The Saints luckily get their second straight week against a winless opponent, and I don't see much life here for the Rams anyway. Sam Bradford is likely out again, the rest of your team has been ravaged by injuries, and the Saints are coming in piping hot off their demolition of the Colts. Nuff Said. Pick: Saints

Miami Dolphins at New York Giants (-10): After the Dolphins watched Tim Tebow take a win from out of their hands last week, the Dolphins are in need of Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, anyone who can bring them out of this tailspin. The NFC East leading Giants on the other hand could get a number of key players back this week including Justin Tuck and Brandon Jacobs, and they're playing at home. Pick: Giants 

Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers (-4): Here's the first game this week that doesn't seem like a gross mismatch. With the Vikings going to the Christian Ponder experiment already, we'll get to see a match between two rookie quarterbacks, though Cam Newton is looking less and less like a rookie each week. I'm liking what Ron Rivera is selling down South, even though they may be a few years from being a great team again. Pick: Panthers 

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans (-10): The Jags have some swagger back after taking out the Ravens on Monday night football, though they'll face another stiff test in the Texans this week. If the Jags defense can come up with some semblance of their performance against Baltimore they might have a shot, given than MJD and Blaine Gabbert have big days as well. Smelling an upset. Pick: Jaguars