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NFL Pro Bowl Ballot: Cardinals Make Their Cases

The Cardinals may not be performing well as a team but some stand out as individuals. Is it enough to garner a Pro Bowl selection?

At this point in the season, the Pro Bowl is the last thing on players' minds. But for fans, it is just another thing to keep them occupied and thinking about football.

But what about bad teams? Does it give them something to look forward to as individuals since the team goals aren't being reached? No way of telling unless we attach players to lie detector tests to prevent the generic, politically correct answers. Nevertheless, the Arizona Cardinals have players to watch for when it comes to this year's Pro Bowl.

Larry Fitzgerald: Once regarded as the best receiver in the game, the lack of consistency at quarterback has hindered his season a bit. But with 505 yards and two touchdowns on 31 receptions plus a great reputation among fans, he could still get voted into the starting lineup.

Beanie Wells:  Wells has dealt with injury issues this season but has produced 423 yards on 91 carries and six touchdowns. If he can regain the level of production he attained prior to his injury, he could sneak in as a coach's selection or injury replacement.

Patrick Peterson: The rookie can play. He has 32 tackles and an interception already this season. He won't get voted onto the team but he could get heavy consideration from the coaches if his production stays at this level.

A.J. Jefferson: The second-year corner leads the team in tackles with 33. Peterson is the bigger name but Jefferson has been solid on a team whose leading tacklers are defensive backs. Eh.

Kevin Kolb: You, sir, should get a bowl of cereal to watch the Pro Bowl from the comforts of your couch.

You can vote for the Pro Bowl starters here.