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College Football Odds: ASU Opens With Ridiculous Line Over Colorado

No one in their right mind would pick the Arizona State Sun Devils to lose their home coming football game against the Colorado Buffaloes this Saturday. All signs point to a cakewalk for Brock Osweiler and his fellow desert demons against the 1-7 Buffaloes who are coming off a 45-2 drubbing at home to the Oregon Ducks. But Vegas seems to have gone a bit overboard with their open line for the game, setting the spread at 31 points.

A 31-point spread is a lot for a football game. It's the second-highest line in the nation for any college football game. Only the Ducks 34.5-point line over Washington State is higher. There's a point here about disparity in the Pac-12 in those two lines as well, but that's a topic for another day.

The Devils are saying all the right things about not underestimating their opponent who's given up 37 points per game.

"If you're playing Division I football, you know what? You're a good football team with quality football players," Osweiler said.

We'll see Saturday how it's plays out, but 31 points seems a wee bit high to us.