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Gibson Wins Again: Kirk Gibson Named NL Manager Of The Year

Gibson took a mediocre beginning and turned it into an NL West division title.

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Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson was selected as Sporting News' 2011 National League manager of the year, according to

Gibson turned a 97 loss team around in his first full season, leading the D'Backs to an NL West Division title.

"I'd prefer things that focus on our team," Gibson said during the September series in Los Angeles about his impact. "Our goals are on our team, and I [don't care] about whether I'm manager of the year. Honestly."

It was deserving whether Gibson felt he deserved it or not and with the roster coming back next season, it could be the beginning of something special.

With a 94 win season already under their belts, the D'Backs will return most of their core players and are primed for improvement next season. And that's all the D'Backs have been doing is improving since Gibson took over last season. Though he finished last season 34-49 in 83 games, the seeds were set for what this year became.