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Cardinals, Seahawks, Rams Lose As 49ers Stay Class Of NFC West On Bye

For the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams, Week 7 of the NFL schedule was again brutal. The NFC West is truly a disaster of a division. The San Francisco 49ers sat idle during their bye and are sitting pretty at 5-1 and a three game lead over the Seahawks. The three teams in the division that played all lost and not in pretty fashion.

Seattle lost 6-3 in Cleveland. The score says it all. 

The Rams lost to the Dallas cowboys 34-7, allowing 253 rushing yards to rookie DeMarco Murray. They also suffered another key injury, this time to OT Jason Smith.

The Cardinals were penalized 10 times and allowed a 95-yard touchdown pass to to Mike Wallace, losing to the Steelers 32-30. After the game, frustrations were such that one of the Cardinals players called out the fans for allowing the stadium to be overrun by Steelers fans.

Continue on after the jump to read about these debacles from the points of view of the fans of those teams.

Seahawks Lose 3-6 to Browns in One of the Ugliest Games in NFL History - Field Gulls

Rarely has the analogy "like a train wreck in slow motion" seemed so apt. It was a slow, plodding game, two dink-and-dunk offenses with very little big plays on either side. When the Seahawks reached the redzone with about four minutes left in the third quarter, it was the first time either team had been inside the other team's 30 yard.


Arizona Cardinals lose again vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, 32-20 - Revenge of the Birds
1-5. That's where the Arizona Cardinals sit after Week 7 of the NFL.  What a season it's been.  What an awful season.   Today's game vs. the Steelers was no different than every game this season minus the opener, as the Cardinals were blown out by the Steelers at University of Phoenix Stadium in front of a sold-out home crowd that, at times, looked like a Steelers home crowd.


Rams Vs. Cowboys Score: Rams Fail To Stop Run, Score Points - Turf Show Times
Another week, another loss for the St. Louis Rams. So what did this week's loss, their sixth, have that the previous losses did not? Nothing really. Unlike some, the Rams went into the locker room at half time with a little something positive. As usual, a few solid possessions proved to be ephemeral and fleeting as the Rams went on to play another terrible game. 


49ers Bye Week: Observing The Rest Of The NFC West - Niners Nation
While the San Francisco 49ers and we as fans relax and enjoy a day of relatively stress-free football (fantasy issues aside), there remain some valuable games on the schedule that impact the NFC West. The 49ers hold a sizable lead on the rest of the division and have emerged as the team to beat in the NFC West. Nonetheless, I have no problem rooting on opponents of our NFC West brethren. Well, some of them at least.