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Amateur Boxers Keep The Action Fast WIth Flurries Of Punches To Open FNF3

Friday Night Fights at the Madison Event Center got off to a rousing start with a three-round slugfest between 138-pound amateurs Roderick Flores of Tucson and crowd favorite Freddie Cintora.

Both fighters threw plenty of jabs, more to the head than body, but Flores made his count more. He forced a pair of standing-eight counts on Cintora and was awarded the decision after landing the bigger blows in the first and third rounds.

The second amateur bout was between two women, Ayanna Vasquez of Las Cruces, N.M. and Sulem Urbina, a 21-year-old native of Mexico who once represented her country in an Americas tournament in Brazil.

The fighters battled it out and threw a lot of punches in the three rounds, and fatigue set in in the final round. Vasquez landed the more effective punches and was awarded the decision.