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MMA Fighter Ben Henderson Is A Good Follow On Twitter

MMA star Ben Henderson doesn't fit the intense meat-head stereotype of a professional mixed martial arts fighter, and it doesn't necessarily take a long conversation with the Glendale resident to figure that out.

Just follow Henderson on Twitter and see.

In a recent interview at the MMA Lab in Glendale, Henderson talked about his Twitter presence, one that is encouraged by UFC president Dana White.

At last check, Henderson's @SMOOTHone155 account had more than 19,000 followers who can read his re-tweets, help him out with advice for his fantasy football team and keep up to date on his training for a Nov. 12 lightweight bout in Anaheim, Calif., on FOX television (against Clay Guida). 

Henderson isn't too shy about things, and he's appreciative of his fans, as seen in this post from Oct. 20:

"Wow I'm getting pretty close to 20k followers, that's awesome...a big thanks to all my followers, sorry I'm not more entertaining, hehehe..."

But Henderson IS actually pretty entertaining and engaging. 

He doesn't have the most followers among UFC fighters, but fans are interested in what a guy who has a Fight of the Year award from 2009 on his record has to share.

"I don't think I do that good a job," Henderson said, modestly. "I don't make a conscious effort to be on Twitter as much."

There are money bonuses in UFC for largest increase in followers and largest number of followers, as well as a third category for which Henderson is more eligible.

"Most original Tweet or most original tagline. Mine I created is  #InsomniacsUnite because I stay up late, which is why I'm always late everywhere I go," Henderson said.