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Mike Stoops To Occupy Wall Street? One Blogger Thinks So

Wall Street and Mike Stoops have had incredibly busy and hectic weeks for all of the wrong reasons. While it may seem like the two are completely unrelated, there is some irony with Stoops being unemployed and looking for a job, just as so many are in Manhattan.

One college football fan is having some fun with the event and has an awesome College Game Day-esque sign that was captured earlier today on Tumblr. We have the classic poster after the jump...


Arizona fans certainly know of Stoops' ability to get fired up in a moment's notice and his passion could be a big help to the protesters on Wall Street.

We're just kidding of course, coach Stoops. You just got paid $1.4 million dollars after being fired from your job and will be employed once again within a few months. Enjoy the time off. I hear New York City is lovely this time of year.