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Arizona Wildcats Media Day: Josiah Turner, Jesse Perry, Angelo Chol Interviewed

As we continue our coverage of 2011 Media Day for Arizona basketball, here are interviews with Angelo Chol, Jesse Perry and Josiah Turner, three players UA fans should expect to see a lot of in 2011.

Angelo Chol:

On why he chose the University of Arizona:

"It was the coaching. I wanted to be coached by coach Miller. He seems like he knows what he's doing and he's intense off the court. Off the court, he's a real nice guy."

On who has emerged as the team's main senior leader:

"Kyle Fogg. Definitely."

What he wants to improve in his game:

"I want to get better offensively. I've been working on that. Right now I just want to contribute and help the team as I get used to the college atmosphere."

On fighting for playing time in practice:

"I just gotta show up and play hard, even if I don't feel like it. You have to prove it in practice if you want to play, so that's what I have to do. Everyone is good. You have to produce if you want to play."

Jesse Perry:

On being a senior leader:

"What I learned most is you just have to work hard. On the court, off the court and in the class room, it all comes together and you have to have a great attitude."

On improving his strength and jump shot:

"Those two things, most importantly, and getting bigger and stronger. I've always had the tough game and I'm going to be a tough kid regardless. I'm just trying to get better, coming in and shooting a lot of shots and things like that to take my game to the next level."

On taking the younger post players under his wing:

"I just tell them they have to work hard. If they're doing something wrong, tell them and show them what to do to get their confidence higher than it already is."

On what he learned from the deep tournament run last season:

"When you put in hard work, you see the results. I don't anyone expected us to be at the point we were at. Down two, we just missed it. And what I'll take away is we can do it and go farther than that this year."

Josiah Turner:

On why he chose Arizona instead of any other program:

"The coaching staff, style of play, and the weather, basically."

On your visit, you saw the Iowa football game. What was that like:

"Man, it was crazy. That was nice. I liked it."

On what he'll contribute this season:

"My ability to pass, move the ball around and keeping the tempo up. That would be my biggest input on the team."

The biggest difference from the high school game to college:

"In college they're all bigger, stronger and faster."

On improving his jump shot:

"I have been working on it all summer and continue to keep working on it."

And on what he looks forward to the most at Arizona:

"Winning a championship."


That does it for all of our interviews with coach Miller and the players. In case you missed them, you can find a complete list of our UA preseason coverage here. For more on Arizona, check out AZ Desert Swarm.