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Arizona Basketball Media Day: Solomon Hill, Jordin Mayes, Kyryl Natyazhko Interviewed

SB Nation Arizona was in attendance for UA Basketball's Media Day. Here were some of the highlights from various players on the team:

Solomon Hill:

On becoming a team leader and mentoring the younger players:

"I want to bring consistency and to really step up this year. I've played my roles and I've worked hard. And especially with Derrick (Williams) and MoMo (Jones) gone it's time for me to become a man and step up to lead the team."

On his jump shot and the progressions he made in the offseason:

"It's coming along great. Especially coming in (the Richard Jefferson gym) with coach Whitford and getting it smooth. Try to keep the same shot every time and add different moves I can add off the jumper when I'm in here working."

On the incoming freshmen:

"Their intensity level is great. From day one Sidiki (Johnson) and Josiah (Turner) came out hard. Nick (Johnson) defense is great and he's like a (Kyle) Fogg on his own. And Chol, he can get up and down the floor and rebound. He blocks some shots and he'll be a real difference maker."

On being there for friend and teammate Kevin Parrom:

"We've been joking around, talking about video games, homework, just laughing. Kevin's a funny guy and a real chill guy and we can talk about anything."

Jordin Mayes:

On being a teacher to the incoming freshmen guards:

"They can't get laid back. They gotta compete every time they get on the floor. Every time they got on the floor and something doesn't go their way they can't pout or get frustrated or it's really going to hurt them. They just gotta keep playing and thinking positive."

On potentially playing a position other than point guard:

"It's going to give defenses a lot of different looks with me at the one, two or three. With my ability to shoot it gives me the advantage and when I'm the point guard it allows me to set up my teammates and push the ball down the floor. That's just an advantage we have."

What having the Richard Jefferson Gym, the new locker rooms, and the facilities mean to him and the program:

"It shows a lot of people have faith in us and in coach, that we're going to use this to our best ability and improve us in the long run. And for getting recruits, I mean, you already see how many we have now. This is just a blessing to have and a blessing for the fans to give us this."

Kyryl Natyazhko:

On what he worked on the most in the offseason:

"I'm just getting in shape, trying to be the best player I can be."

On becoming a key player this season:

"I'm going to do whatever my coaches tell me, try and improve my team. Defensively, I'll do whatever I have to do to win some games."

On improving his scoring game:

"I worked on my jump shot, my post game, just whatever I need to to become a better player."

On the incoming freshmen class:

"I really think we have a good freshmen class this year. All of them are going to help us win some games this year."

On his personal goals for the season:

"I'm going to do whatever coach asks me to do individually for every game. We want to get back to the elite eight and try to win a championship."


Stay tuned to SB Nation Arizona for more interviews and complete preseason analysis and coverage. For more on UA, check out Arizona Desert Swarm.